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Heating Services

Repser Air Pty Ltd, offers service to your entire home heated efficiently with easy and serviced heating system. We keep your heating system clean and well serviced. We offer repair, service and installation to almost all brands heating systems.

We have vast experienced in repairs across a range of makes and model heating units, our team of heating repairs experts are able to handle the most reliable solutions to your domestic or commercial heating system. We are Melbourne's very preferred heater repair service providers.
Our experienced heating repair technicians will locate and fix the problem and will clean your system to ensure maximum performance.

Gas ducted heaters are a popular heating solution and just like other air conditioning systems they require regular maintenance. Our technician will inspect the system and provide you with a written cost estimate of repair and service. Once approved we will repair your heating system


As heating costs climb, gas wall heaters can be a cost-effective way to heat your home. They run on standard propane or natural gas and come in a variety of models, which can provide supplemental heat or can heat large areas by themselves. When correctly installed and used, these heaters can provide clean, economical heat. Repser Air can help you keep your unit in top shape with gas heater repairs Melbourne wide. Most models have electric blowers and thermostats, which regulate the discharge of heat. They also come with a grate to protect people from accidentally being burned by the heater's flame, and many also have a base to prevent damage to the floor. Gas wall heaters typically feature two types of heat, either a blue flame, which efficiently heats a room, or an infrared flame, which radiates heat onto objects and surfaces. Whatever type or model you have, the Repser Air team offers efficient gas heating repairs and maintenance services.

Refrigerated Air Conditioners

Repser Air offers more than just gas heater repairs, we also service refrigerated units. These units consist of an indoor and outdoor coil, which are connected by a pipe carrying a refrigerant gas. As warm air is drawn over the internal coil, heat from this air is absorbed by the refrigerant and carried to the external coil, where it is released outside. At the same time any water in the room air condenses on the cold internal coil and is then drained away. The resulting air blown back into the room is now cooler, less humid and usually filtered.

SIZING – The correct sizing of an air conditioner is vital for efficient operation. Never oversize an air conditioner, as it will result in short cooling cycles (switching on and off), with little reduction in humidity. Also, frequent cycling (on and off) is not efficient and adds to the wear and tear on the unit. Undersized air conditioners will not provide adequate cooling.

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